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Our NHS approved sister company, The Wonderful Wig Company, based above  Kitui is one of only 8 salons in the UK to be qualified to the highest level of Trevor Sorbies’ My New Hair training.

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All of our hair loss specialists were personally trained by Trevor Sorbie himself which means that you can be assured of the very best in modern hairdressing. We combine the very best modern cutting and colouring techniques with the worlds best wigs to provide a truly personalised hair loss service. We cater for all; every budget, young and old, male and female, we care.

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The Wonderful Wig Company is an official NHS supplier to the city of Sunderland Trust, making our salon the only salon in Sunderland able to accept NHS vouchers for wigs. We have subsequently added 5 more hospitals to our list as well as joining forces with all major charities in the region.
We can also accept vouchers for the Freeman and RVI hospital too.

Any medical hair loss/NHS client choosing their wig with us will also receive a complimentary lesson in applying eyebrow make up from our in-house brow expert in our beauty salon.

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It’s all about you

In 2017, we embarked on a mission. We wanted to help sufferers of hair loss look and feel fabulous again, and in doing so create an experience which would complement our hair salon. We began the construction of our new, purpose-built specialist wig studio and we never looked back.

We’re very proud of the cutting-edge wig experience we’ve created, combining modern hairdressing and beautiful wigs for a truly bespoke service, we know clients will be at ease in the experience  we have created.

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Our Links with the NHS

We have established close links with the NHS this year and spent a great deal of time learning how they operate and how they support people with medical hair loss. As a result, our sister company The Wonderful wig Company  has been chosen as the only provider in Sunderland to deliver the NHS contract for people with medical hair loss. So if you attend the City of Sunderland Hospital and you’re losing your hair, then you can choose your wig and have it fitted and cut in our private salon and we’ll accept your NHS voucher as payment. We are now able to accept vouchers from Sunderland, Freeman and RVI hospitals as well as individual funding requests from GP’s. If you’re looking for professional support and a confidential, friendly salon service that has your best interests at heart, then book your appointment today by calling 0330 229 0925.

Helping your wig look and feel more natural.

Having your wig cut by a trained professional is the most effective way of making your wig look more natural. Once we choose your perfect wig we have a number of steps that we take until your new hair moves and looks just like natural hair. Wigs are cut very differently to hair and our team has undergone extensive international training to offer you cutting and styling excellence.

Added benefits…

When purchasing your new hair with us, all of our cutting and fitting is completely complementary. We’re also very confident in wig colouring because after all, colour is what it’s all about. So if you’re looking for sunkissed highlights or a rose gold balayage for your new hair we are able to do this for you. Giving you truly bespoke new hair and a wig that’s as unique as you are.

We donate a proportion of all of our wig profits to help local cancer charities. We believe that donations as such are vital and we, therefore, give back and provide support for our own community as much as possible. Last year we successfully raised £1,100 for the SHINE foundation, a charity supporting adults between 20-40 who are dealing with cancer.

nicola kitui stylist

Nicola’s Story

“We will be there for all your hair needs, especially the difficult ones.”

Whether it’s cancer, alopecia, medication or stress, the harsh reality of losing your hair can have a shattering impact on your body image and self-esteem. Often people suffer in silence as not everyone can relate with the emotional struggles that follow. At The Wonderful Wig Company, we take hair loss seriously and we want to put an end to the emotional distress. We understand first hand the reality of losing your hair, no matter the length or amount. It’s because of this, and our director Nicola’s own cancer journey, that prompted us to expand our services to incorporate hair loss support to those who need it. We aren’t just looking to provide wigs, we want to slowly revolutionize what we feel is a truly old fashioned experience. We’re doing this by sourcing the worlds best wigs and combining talented modern hairdressing, cutting, colouring and tailoring. In January 2018 we fully extended our salon, quadrupling our floor space to introduce a beautiful new private wig studio. We’ve attended the worlds best training and we’ve pushed the boundaries of what can be done with a wig. This has really enabled us to cater to clients at all stages of their hair loss, easing them through their transition with expert advice and professional wig care. Read about Nicola’s journey

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Our Beautiful Wig Studio

Hair loss can affect us all, at any age or stage in our lives. If it’s something you’re struggling with right now we are here fore you. We understand and we care. Our new wig facilities are a special space designed to offer you the privacy, support and expert advice you need and want. Our service is not that of any ordinary wig shop. Instead, we’ve created a very beautiful and private lounge where you (and a companion or two) will feel instantly at ease.

What to expect at our beautiful wig studio

You can be assured of a relaxed, empathetic and modern experience every time you visit the salon. Our highly skilled team are regularly trained in the very latest techniques and styles, in fact, the salon holds the highest level of accreditation from ‘MYNEWHAIR’ and are so very proud to be one of only 8 salons countrywide to hold this accreditation. We will continue to push boundaries as Sunderland’s leading independent salon. If you can’t get to our Wig Studio, and you live locally, we can visit you at home or in hospital. We’ll find a style which suits you, your face shape and colouring – this is something we’re experts at as highly trained colour specialists and modern hairdressers. We’ll show you samples too – and because we work with all the main wig suppliers in the country, you’ll have plenty of choices. Once your new hair arrives, we’ll either invite you back to the salon, or visit you at home (whatever is easiest), and then we’ll give your wig the magic touches that it may need. With our expert tailoring and styling, we’ll soon have it moving naturally and it really will feel like your own hair. When you’re completely happy with your new look, we’ll still be around to support you, we’ll explain how to take care of it and we’ll let you know all about our different wig care packages for any future help or advice. And it’s not just wigs we specialise in either. We also offer a full range of alternative options for male hair loss and to help disguise thinning through hair extensions, toupees and tape enhancement thickening fibres.

Hair Regrowth

When your own hair returns, we’ll guide you through the growing back phase. We will help you when it’s time for your first cut, and/or colour. This is such an important time, and it’s crucial to have a trained expert to support you in the best possible way. Your new hair may not behave as it used to anymore, it could grow back completely different to its original texture, and it’s vital that you have specific tests before colouring safely. Don’t worry. This is normal and we know exactly how to take care of it for you as Sunderland’s leading independent wig supplier. The Wig Studio itself caters for men, women and children who are struggling with hair loss as a result of medical treatment and alopecia, and we take care of people who are battling with thinning hair and baldness. We also offer a private and discreet service for transgender clients who want their new hair to look as natural and flattering as possible. We can also advise on makeup tips too.

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