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Growing with NatWest

Growing with NatWest

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So you may perhaps been wondering where I’ve been disappearing off to for the last few weeks..?

Just a few short months ago, I attended some pretty important meetings in Newcastle city centre to try and gain acceptance to an entrepreneurial course that’s run by Natwest… This fantastic scheme is designed to empower entrepreneurs in aspects of their business in a collaborative and creative environment.

After weeks (and weeks…) of applications and business pitches, I was finally scheduled in for an interview! I’d not been the interviewee for years and suddenly the thought of sitting on the other side of the table really daunted me! However, I knew the opportunity I was about to embark on was truly unique to the North East (but I still couldn’t help getting myself reducing to a shaky bag of nerves).

After days of preparation and an evening of good rest, I headed into town for what was a rather mentally tortuous day. Upon arrival, it was full steam ahead and the whole process actually seemed to flash by in an instant. Maybe I wasn’t as bad as I originally thought… I even enjoyed it just the littlest bit?! It was lovely to share my passion for our wonderful business and map out the next steps…

Only shortly after meeting up to discuss the companies vision, Natwest contacted me…

I was both delighted and shocked to have before me our acceptance letter into this new and exciting ‘Entrepreneur Accelerator’ scheme; and I couldn’t wait to get started.

So, what does this all mean..? The programme we are now part of focuses on budding entrepreneurs (thats me!) with a viable business model and idea for potential sustained growth.

Natwest provide business spaces, support networks and a wealth of industry experience to help cater for your that growth. Whether it is tailored mentoring and one-to-one sessions or group guidance and work shops, the organisation make a real emphasis on pushing your personal and professional boundaries to help reach your full business potential.

Opportunities like this don’t come around everyday and I will be giving up my days off to fully commit to this new project. I will be based in a trendy office on Newcastle’s iconic quayside with 30 other like-minded individuals and businesses. We are all linked by our both aspirational inspired visions for our businesses.

The first of our exciting ventures will be to get our new brilliant wig business fully online with our fantastic new ‘wigs only’ website up and running as soon as possible. This is certainly at the top of our list! We can’t wait to share it all with you.

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