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Baking up a Smile

Baking up a Smile

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As you (and most of your bellies) will know, we have been running a charity kitchen in the salon since our relaunch last January. It seems like such a long time since we began the scheme, but the focus has always been to help generate an income for some of the great charities that we here at Kitui Hair Design, work alongside on a daily basis. 

We thought the kitchen was a great idea and one that would get both ourselves and our clients involved with the fundraising. Everyone was taken with the idea and the kitchen hit the floor running, with both donations and cakes flying through the door. So far, it has been a fun, friendly and of course, tasty journey and we would whole-heartedly recommend this scheme to any other salons in Sunderland who are looking to raise money. We ended up smashing the target we set ourselves and finished the year with a staggering £1100.00, that all started from just a few cupcakes and brownies. 

We are still so proud of this achievement, with all of the proceeds going towards SHINE. SHINE is a U.K charity which exists exclusively to help support adults between 20 and 40 who have experienced a cancer diagnosis.

This charity is so very close to my heart, as I was fortunate enough to receive some of its services during my own personal cancer journey. 

SHINE provided me various avenues such as support networks, workshops and personal mentoring, all of which were essential in my recovery. Sometimes it was the little things I appreciated the most and SHINE were great at providing an informal environment where I and others alike could take our mind off their treatment. Whether it was a coffee or cocktail, a weekend retreat or a workshop, they were fantastic all the way throughout my time with them. 

The age group in which SHINE focuses their work on is often overlooked in terms of donations and there is also a distinct lack of national funding for research into this age group, which is another reason why I was also so keen to donate to them. 

We are very keen to keep up the good work and we are sure you all are too but we will need your help again. If you’d like to get involved, donate or support the kitchen, there are a few ways in which you can get involved. You can either bring in or buy a baked good from our kitchen or you can simply enjoy a coffee and treat from us and leave a few pennies in one of the jars left around the salon. 

This year we are looking to spread the ‘dough’ to Maggies Cancer Care Centre as we continue to bake the world a better place. We’ll be asking you to help us again, so keep your eyes peeled and your aprons at the ready.