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The harsh reality of losing your hair whether it’s temporary because of cancer/alopecia/medication/stress, or life lasting due to natural thinning or balding, it can have a shocking impact on your body image and self-esteem. Often people suffer in silence as not everyone can related with the emotional struggles that follow. We ,at Kitui ,take hair loss seriously and want to put an end to the emotional distress. We understand first hand the downside to losing your locks, no matter the length. It’s because of this that we’ve decided to expand our services to incorporate hair loss support to those who need it. We’ve fully extended our salon with a beautiful new wig studio to enable us to cater to clients at all stages of their hair loss and ease them through their transition with experts like owner Nicola Wood who can not only help but relate.

Her Journey…

“In 2016, aged 36 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Obviously I was devastated by  the news,  all my thoughts turned to my family and loved ones. Shortly after, as tests and investigations  began the startling realisation that I might lose my hair started to sink in. As a young woman,a hairdresser ,someone who takes pride in her appearance and as mother to such a young boy ,who would see me and possibly not understand ,  the fear of losing all my hair only worsened my ordeal. Feeling disheartened, I decided to take back control and research my options in terms of hair loss options .

With every trip to the hospital, I found myself noticing wig after wig, with very few of them doing the job that they were intended for – to hide the fact that you have no hair. It was quickly becoming obvious that services for hair loss were limited, finding good quality wigs was not easy, and both the choices available and the whole process of buying one was reaaly  old-fashioned. Some of the wig shops I visited pulled a privacy curtain around you in the corner of a room, while others expected you to sit in the window of a busy shop and try on different wigs. Some women  even went to the hospital  to be fitted for their wig,something i strongly disagreed with , In fact, it seemed like there was  still a stigma attached with wearing a wig. It was a little hush-hush and a bit of an unmentionable subject for women who were already at rock bottom.

This made me both sad and angry ,i decided no matter what my personal outcome ,i would do something to change this area of hair loss.

It is my opinion that when it comes to  any hair  issue you should be in the hands of an experienced well trained  and current hairdresser,you should be in a hair salon ,and have someone to guide you and pamper you when you’re at your lowest. Wearing a wig should make you feel good again. I decided the best possible service would be one where we would source  the worlds best wigs at an affordable price for everyone  and combine it with brilliant cutting and colouring techniques ,so ,that just like your own hair ,no single wig that left the salon was ever the same .

I would turn my illness into a positive by getting the best training I could find to provide a modern experience and up-to-date service for people in my shoes. I focused on making it my goal to get through my treatment so that I could fulfil this. Treating people with honesty, respect, sensitivity and dignity at a time when they needed it most became a high priority for me. People should always be able to have a positive, normal and modern salon experience, but even more so when they’re feeling scared, anxious and worrying about the future.

My research began, and I was thrilled to discover the charity mynewhair, founded by top hairdresser, Trevor Sorbie. I felt the charity was indeed the best training i could get and i then  travelled up and down  to London  to have  full training by Trevor and his amazing team of nurses ,wig experts and hairdressers . I’m very proud to say that Kitui is now one of the charity’s recommended salons for wig purchasing, cutting and styling, and after care/hair regrowth in Sunderland and the North-East. In 2017 Kitui managed to become one of only 8 salons in the UK to receive the highest level certification, meaning  that you really are in the best possible hands throughout the hard times and also after. Not only does this mean that we’re experts in supporting people with hair loss and wigs, but we’re also passionate about offering an ultra-modern experience that’s also affordable and empathetic.

I  have worked hard to source a huge range of quality wigs from the UK , America and  Europe, meaning I have a wig and a budget for everyone and am able to supply human hair, synthetic hair and ethnic origin wigs too.

In making it my goal to supply this unique experience I also really wanted to able to support my local community with the service and in 2017 our efforts were recognised by Sunderland City Trust when we became an approved NHS supplier (the only one in Sunderland ) meaning that we can accept prescription vouchers in payment for wigs, so we are able to help the most vulnerable clients. In 2018 we became able to accept vouchers from the Freeman and RVI hospitals in Newcastle too . In addition to this we help even more by donating a portion of any profits from the wig business to a local cancer related charity each year. For 2018 we have chosen Shine, a charity which supports young adults with a cancer diagnosis. Our donations will help the North East’s local young adults suffering from cancer .

This was exactly what I wanted to achieve and since we launched our services in 2017 we’ve gone from strength to strength. I’m really proud of what we have all achieved, there is no greater reward for me in my career so far that beats the feeling of giving someone back their confidence with their new hair, it’s been life changing and part of the reason for my own recovery.